Welcome to apply for the chance to network and present your research!

The Marcus Wallenberg Foundation invites applications for the Young Researchers’ Challenge with the opportunity to attend the Prize ceremony and banquet in honor of the 2020 Marcus Wallenberg Prize Winners in Stockholm, Sweden, in October 2020.

Take the chance to present your research to leading scientists and representatives of the forest-based industry and fellow researchers from all over the world. The program will range from 18 to 21 October, 2020.

We invite researchers 35 years old or younger, post-docs, or PhD students to participate. Apply through our form at mwp.org/yrc2020. Your contribution should not exceed 200 words and must be submitted not later than 15 July 2020.

After evaluation, some 30 contributions will be invited to the 2020 MWP Prize ceremony and extended program. All winning participants are expected to submit a short abstract on their research project to be presented in a poster session.

Present your vision

Describe your research and how you think it will have an impact on the forest-based industry and society as a whole. Present your vision and how current obstacles can be overcome. Feel free to discuss opportunities in a wide range of research and business areas in the sector.

This year’s Marcus Wallenberg Prize recognizes the research of Joseph J Landsberg, Richard H Waring and Nicholas C Coops.  They are awarded the 2020 Marcus Wallenberg Prize for the development of the 3PG model to predict forest growth in a changing climate, see press release.

The Young Researchers’ Program offers:

  • Lectures and guided visits in the Stockholm area.
  • Participation in a “3-Minute Presentation” session, where the MWP Selection Committee is the jury.
  • Ceremony and banquet to be held in the presence of Their Majesties the King and Queen of Sweden.
  • Symposium on the theme of this year’s Prize.
  • A poster session in connection with the Symposium where you can discuss your research with leading scientists and industry representatives.
  • A meeting with this year’s prize winners.

Who covers the costs for travel and accommodation?

Applicants need to cover their own costs for travel to Stockholm and accommodation in connection to the event. For applicants from Swedish organizations the MW Foundation has managed to find financing from separate sources. International applicants are encouraged to apply for funding from their own universities or other financiers.