1987 – Derek Barnes and Mark T. Churchland, Canada

for their pathbreaking development of a process for the manufacture of a novel wood-based product of high strength and uniformity, opening new opportunities for the use of wood in engineered building components and architectural design.

1986 – Johan Gullichsen, Finland

for his widely accepted innovations in processing pulp fiber suspensions. His pathbreaking engineering designs provide significant benefits to quality, economy and the environment.

1985 – Karl-Erik Eriksson, Sweden, and T. Kent Kirk, USA

for their pathbreaking fundamental research on the fungal degradation of wood, unravelling the enzymatic processes of cellulose and lignin breakdown. Their discoveries have opened up new horizons for the biotechnological utilization of the forest resource.

1982 – Ricardo O. Foschi, Canada

For his pioneering generalized mathematical models, predicting mechanical performance of wood structures. His significant scientific accomplishments have provided numerous opportunities to promote safety and economy in wood based designs.

1981 – Harry Hutchinson Holton, Canada

For his pathbreaking discovery that the use of antraquinone in alkaline pulping can produce significant beneficial technical effects involving cooking rates, wood consumption and the environment. His scientific accomplishments have significantly contributed to broader knowledge, and have stimulated world wide research and new thinking regarding the pulping of wood.