2000 – Robert H. Leicester, Australia

for his path breaking contribution to the development of advanced probability theories to enhance fundamental understanding of the structural properties, fire performance, durability and safety of wood as a building material. This knowledge has been applied to the creation of design codes for wooden structures that take account of the variability and reliability of wood […]

1999 – Pekka Eskelinen, Raimo Virta and Vesa Vuorinen, Finland

for their path breaking development of a unique air blowing technology for stabilizing paper webs aerodynamically at high speeds. This development has been taken into use on a large number of paper machines in many countries and has lowered the costs of paper production by greatly increasing the speed and efficiency at which papermaking machines […]

1998 – Keith Miles and Donald May, Canada

for their path breaking research into the fundamental mechanisms of wood chip refining and for their development of the concept of refining intensity which have provided a major impetus to the manufacture of mechanical and other high yield pulps with improved quality and reduced energy consumption.

1997 – Erkki Tomppo, Finland

for his pathbreaking achievement within the field of forest assessment. In a multi-source forest inventory system, this methodology integrates data collected from remote sensing, ground sampling and other sources to improve the quality of forest information. His scientific accomplishments provide new directions for forest assessment and ecological monitoring and an important tool for achieving sustainable […]

1995 – Lennart Eriksson, Gerdt Fladda and Thorulf Pettersson, Sweden

for their pioneering development of a theory of optical measurement to characterize fiber and pulp properties and for its implementation into a robust on-line family of sensors that has enabled optimization of production processes resulting in improved product uniformity and quality, reductions in chemical consumption and cost, and improved environmental performance.

1994 – Gene Namkoong, Canada

for his pathbreaking contributions to quantitative population genetics, tree breeding, and management of genetic resources, which form a solid scientific basis for the maintenance of biological diversity in forests all over the world.

1993 – Nils Hartler and Ants Teder, Sweden

for their pioneering research and pathbreaking developments in the extended delignification of wood by alkaline pulping. The rapid and widespread adoption of their developments has substantially and efficiently reduced bleached pulp mill effluents with significant environmental benefits and without detriment to product quality.

1991 – Donald H. Marx, USA

for his pathbreaking development of a process for the selective mycorrhizal inoculation of tree nursery soils which greatly increases the growth and survival rates of conifer seedlings used in the reforestation of inhospitable soils.

1989 – Torsten Ingestad, Sweden

for his pathbreaking discovery that balancing mineral addition with the internal nutrient needs of the tree results in maximum wood production and minimum adverse environmental impact.

1988 – Bernhard Ulrich, Germany

for his painstaking research on the behaviour of mineral elements and organic matter within typical Central European forest ecosystems, providing new insights into the complex role of airborne pollutants upon the health and productivity of the forests.