MWP Webinar link

A recording of the first MWP webinar held on September 16, 2021, is available here.Please feel free to share the recording to colleagues and/or in your own communication channels.

MWP Webinar September 16, 2021

The MWP first webinar!

Welcome to join our webinar “Remote sensing of forests – ensuring correct interpretation by decision makers” on September 16 at 15:00-16:00 CEST. For program and registration please click here. Take the oportunity to participate free of charge at the first Marcus Wallenberg Prize webinar. The aim with the webinars is to give forest researchers an […]

MWP Webinar September 16, 2021

The award exposes important forest research to industry

Putting science into practice is a joint ambition of the new members of the Selection Committee of the Marcus Wallenberg Prize. They also share the committee’s strategy in working for a sustainable use of forest resources worldwide. Three new members have taken their places in the Selection Committee, which evaluates nominated candidates for the Marcus […]

In memory of Kaj Rosén

The former Executive Secretary of the Marcus Wallenberg Foundation passed away recently, and our heartfelt thoughts are with his wife Marie, their children and grandchildren, in their sorrow. Kaj worked with the Foundation for two periods, first as Selection Committee member in 1993-1997 and then as Board member and Executive Secretary of the Foundation in […]

31 May deadline for nominations

Individuals and institutions are invited to nominate candidates for the Marcus Wallenberg Prize between 1 March and 31 May 2021. The Prize is awarded to scientific achievements of importance to forestry and forest industries. Earlier it has been possible to nominate candidates for the Marcus Wallenberg Prize the whole year. From now on the nomination […]

Simplicity explains the success

Open access was important to the researchers developing the 3PG model, adopted worldwide by both science and forestry. The simple and powerful tool to predict forest growth is awarded the 2020 Marcus Wallenberg Prize. Canberra in the mid-1990s. Three scientists meet in the right time – and at the right place: the CSIRO, Australia’s national […]

Wants to make the prize more widely known

Mikael Hannus, the new Executive Secretary of the Marcus Wallenberg Prize, wants to spread the events over the whole year and identify new target groups in both society and academia. Mikael Hannus was forced to adapt all activities to the Corona pandemic less than a month after his appointment as Executive Secretary of the Marcus […]

From discoveries to scientific breakthroughs

With Kaj Rosén as Executive Secretary, the Marcus Wallenberg Prize has become more research-orientated and more international. “The best job I’ve had in my entire career” says Kaj Rosén, who handed over to Mikael Hannus in the spring. Kaj Rosén took over as Executive Secretary for the Marcus Wallenberg Prize in 2013. The Marcus Wallenberg […]

Kaj Rosén, former Executive Secretary

The Marcus Wallenberg Prize postponed to autumn 2021

Next Marcus Wallenberg Prize event will be held in the autumn of 2021. The Young Researchers’ Program will also be postponed to next autumn. The Prize event was planned for October 2020. The Marcus Wallenberg Foundation has however decided to postpone the ceremony and symposium due to the COVID-19 pandemic with increased uncertainty regarding travelling […]

Welcome to apply for the chance to present your research!

Young Researchers’ Challenge now closed! The Marcus Wallenberg Foundation invites to the Young Researchers’ Challenge with the opportunity to attend the Prize ceremony and banquet in honour of the 2020 Marcus Wallenberg Prize Winners in Stockholm, Sweden. The whole event has been postponed to next autumn. The Marcus Wallenberg Prize event was planned for October […]