From discoveries to scientific breakthroughs

With Kaj Rosén as Executive Secretary, the Marcus Wallenberg Prize has become more research-orientated and more international. “The best job I’ve had in my entire career” says Kaj Rosén, who handed over to Mikael Hannus in the spring. Kaj Rosén took over as Executive Secretary for the Marcus Wallenberg Prize in 2013. The Marcus Wallenberg […]

Kaj Rosén, former Executive Secretary

The Marcus Wallenberg Prize postponed to autumn 2021

Next Marcus Wallenberg Prize event will be held in the autumn of 2021. The Young Researchers’ Program will also be postponed to next autumn. The Prize event was planned for October 2020. The Marcus Wallenberg Foundation has however decided to postpone the ceremony and symposium due to the COVID-19 pandemic with increased uncertainty regarding travelling […]

Welcome to apply for the chance to present your research!

Young Researchers’ Challenge now closed! The Marcus Wallenberg Foundation invites to the Young Researchers’ Challenge with the opportunity to attend the Prize ceremony and banquet in honour of the 2020 Marcus Wallenberg Prize Winners in Stockholm, Sweden. The whole event has been postponed to next autumn. The Marcus Wallenberg Prize event was planned for October […]

Model for forest growth during climate change

Joseph J Landsberg, Richard H Waring and Nicholas C Coops, share the 2020 Marcus Wallenberg Prize for a model to predict forest growth in a changing climate. Satellite imagery offers the possibility to scale up the model to show how different environmental conditions affect the world’s forests. See youtube link to video or view it […]


The 2020 Marcus Wallenberg Prize will be announced on 28 April at 22:00 CEST The purpose of the Prize is to recognize, encourage and stimulate pathbreaking scientific achievements which contribute significantly to broadening knowledge and to technical development within sustainable forestry and forest industries. The Marcus Wallenberg Prize award ceremony with King Carl XVI Gustaf […]

Mikael Hannus succeeds Kaj Rosén

New Executive Secretary for the Marcus Wallenberg Prize Mikael Hannus has been appointed as the Executive Secretary of the Marcus Wallenberg Foundation. He is Vice President of Group Innovation, Research and Development at Stora Enso, Stockholm, Sweden. The Board of Directors of the Marcus Wallenberg Foundation has appointed Mikael Hannus as the Executive Secretary, responsible […]

The event made them a team

“An amazing opportunity” One master, one PhD and one postdoc – researchers at different levels but with the same positive experience from the Young Researchers’ program at the 2019 Marcus Wallenberg Prize event in Stockholm, Sweden. Ilse Ileana Cárdenas Bates, Marguerite Cinq-Mars and David Myja have just participated in a discussion with Gerhard Schickhofer, the […]

Young researchers from eight countries

Getting together in science 31 young researchers from eight countries were invited to a special program during the Marcus Wallenberg Prize event in Stockholm, Sweden, 6 to 9 October 2019. During the four days in the Swedish capital the young researchers met senior colleagues and business representatives. They participated at the ceremony and banquet, where […]

A portrait of the 2019 MWP Laureate

The Prize a turning point Receiving the 2019 Marcus Wallenberg Prize made Gerhard Schickhofer reflect on his career. – It is a situation to think about my work and future, he says. Last October Gerhard Schickhofer received the 2019 Marcus Wallenberg Prize from King Carl XVI Gustaf. The ceremony and following banquet took place at […]

Beneficial networking among fellow scientists

“A very rich experience” 31 young researchers from five countries were invited to the 2018 Marcus Wallenberg event in Stockholm, Sweden. – The Young Researchers’ Program was a very rich experience in terms of networking, says PhD student Céline Montanari. Céline Montanari at the Wallenberg Wood Science Center, Stockholm, Sweden, has just returned from a […]