Better Products from Better Trees – Wood Microstructure Measurement (2001)

Lectures given at the 2001 Marcus Wallenberg Prize Symposium in Stockholm on October 2, 2001.

The Economic Benefits of Macro-scale Decision-making based on Micro-scale Measurement of Wood

Peter F. Lee, Research and Development, International Paper, Tuxedo, USA
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Optimal Use of Wood Fibers for Papermaking based on Wood Microstructure

Kaarlo Niskanen, KCL, Espoo, Finland
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Optimal Allocation and Use of Today’s Trees for Wood and Paper Products

Stuart Corson, NZ Forest Research, Rotorua, New Zealand
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SilviScan – A Tool for Rapid Assessment of Wood and Wood Fibre Quality

Robert Evans, recipient of the 2001 Marcus Wallenberg Prize, CSIRO, Melbourne, Australia
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Application of SilviScan for Optimal Utilization of Forests in Sweden

Sven-Olof Lundqvist, STFI, Stockholm, Sweden
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Future Trees for Wood and Paper Products – Technical and Economic Prospects

Christophe Plomion, INRA, Cestas, France
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