“The invention makes online optimization in sawmills possible”

– Their innovative work has made online optimization of log usage in the sawmilling process possible and effective, said Kaj Rosén, executive secretary of The Marcus Wallenberg Foundation, when he announced the 2016 Marcus Wallenberg Prize. Alexander Katsevich, USA, and Federico Giudiceandrea, Italy, are awarded for having developed a high-speed X-ray based CT scanner for […]

CT scanning of timber to increase the product value

CT scanning of whole tree logs to identify knots, cracks and rot can increase the value of the sawn products by at least 10 percent. The 2016 Marcus Wallenberg Prize is awarded to Alexander Katsevich and Federico Giudiceandrea for the development of this technology. Computed tomography, CT, is nowadays invaluable to diagnostic imaging in medicine. […]

Annoncement of the Marcus Wallenberg Prize 2016, awarded to Federico Giudiceandrea and Alexander Katsevich. Picture: Gunilla Jönson (Charmain of the Selection Commitee), Federico Giudiceandrea and Kaj Rosén, Executive Secretary of the Marcus Wallenberg Foundation. (Photo:  Johan Gunséus)

Airborne laser scanning to provide data of forest ecosystems

Improved monitoring essential to reduce carbon emissions The method of using airborne laser scanning developed by professor Erik Næsset to produce forest data for operational management of forests was awarded the Marcus Wallenberg Prize in 2011. Erik Næsset has continued to find more efficient ways of monitoring forests to plan and achieve greater revenues and […]


Innovative joints making buildings both resilient and robust

Strong and safe connections for multi-storey timber structures Professor Hans Joachim Blass received The 2010 Marcus Wallenberg Prize for his research on connections and reinforcements with high load transfer capacity for timber and laminates. He is now working on special joints for multi-storey buildings made of cross-laminated timber as well as timber structures in earthquake […]


The same genes control flowering and the growing season

Looking for mechanisms to counteract climate change Professor Ove Nilsson received The Marcus Wallenberg Prize in 2007 after having revealed the molecular mechanisms regulating the flowering time of trees. Here he writes about how his research group tries to find the genes controlling seasonal changes, since it can be vital for understanding how breeding can […]