Young Researchers’ Challenge 2015

The Challenge is now closed.   The Marcus Wallenberg Foundation invites young researchers to take part in Young Researchers’ Challenge with the chance to win a spot at the Prize Ceremony & Banquet, and more, to be held in Stockholm on 28-30 September 2015, along with a unique opportunity to present your research and meet leading […]

Energy-efficient method for producing nanocellulose

The 2015 Marcus Wallenberg Prize is being awarded to a group of researchers from Japan and France for their development of an energy-efficient method to produce nanofibrillated cellulose. Stabilizers in chemicals, food and cosmetics, raw materials for new types of textile fibres or composites or materials for wound dressing are just a few examples of […]

The 2015 Marcus Wallenberg Prize is being awarded to Prof. Akira Isogai (left) and Assoc. Prof. Tsuguyuki Saito (far right), University of Tokyo, and Dr. Yoshiharu Nishiyama (center right), CERMAV/CNRS. (Photo: Hideki Fujiwara)

Electronics on paper opens up a new global market

Professor Magnus Berggren’s research enables electronics like sensors, displays and antennas to be printed on paper and cardboard, opening up a new, gigantic global market for forest industry products. Today, his pioneering research will be acknowledged when the Swedish King awards him the Marcus Wallenberg Prize in Stockholm.   The best-before date printed on the […]

140922 mwp foto henrik hansson

Finland launches national MWP competition

Finnish Paper Engineers’ Association and VTT are supporting 5-10 young PhD students’ and post-docs’ participation in the Marcus Wallenberg symposium ( organized in conjunction with the Wallenberg prize ceremonies in Stockholm in September 2014. The selected young researchers will get their travel costs covered and will participate in the Wallenberg prize ceremony and the symposium. A […]


Canada sends young researchers to MWP

Canadian FIBRE Network is strongly supporting the participation of young Canadian researchers to the Marcus Wallenberg prize ceremony and symposium. During the recent 2nd FIBRE Network conference in Vancouver, five young researchers were selected by the jury to represent FIBRE and Canada in Sweden at the ceremonies and symposium in 2014. The 5 following researchers will […]